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Helpdesk Quality Assistant Puno radno vreme

na qmsWrapper u Subotica (Poslato na 19-10-2021)

We are a software company that helps companies through their quality issues.
Our customers are located all over the world, currently, we are expanding our customer support team and looking for new colleagues.

The position is known as a Helpdesk Quality Assistant. / PART TIME JOB 3-4H/DAY

The potential candidate should have:

- Good listening skills
- Creative and analytical thinking for understanding and solving problems
- Reasonable English language skills – talks and chats in English
- General Understanding of software and computers
- Takes responsibility seriously
- Good with people in general, respectful and polite
- Previous helpdesk qualifications or experiences are a plus but not a requirement.

As an ENTRY LEVEL Helpdesk assistant, you’ll have a 30-day training (3-4h daily, except weekends…weekends are off), you would be expected to demonstrate good customer service and communication skills.

CV’s to be sent on: contact@qmswrapper.com

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