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CRM Developer (.NET) Puno radno vreme

na Talentuno u Beograd (Poslato na 23-05-2022)


For our team in Belgrade we are onboarding CRM Developers

-2+ years of relevant development experience with expertise in .NET
-Web development (.NET Framework, C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC/Web Forms)
-Knowledge of client side technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
-University degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Computer Science
-Language: English
-DBMS (Oracle / MSSQL / PostgreSql), C# / .NET Framework/ .Net Core, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
-General understanding of CRM processes
-Customizing (using tools provided by the vendor) of Creatio and Aurea CRM
-Advanced customizing in Creatio and Aurea CRM with JavaScript (Aurea/Creatio) and C# (Creatio) in the framework provided
-Discuss, conceptualize and plan interfaces between CRM software and 3rd party servers
-Research and test technology topics in the context of Creatio implementation (CI/CD, Microservices, etc.)
-Manage knowledge transfer inside the team: hold experience sessions, present “fancy” implementations
-Think outside the box when tackling customer requirements
-Conceptualize and create tools (and checklists) to enable non-dev colleagues to do their work more efficient
-Documentation of implementations and principles
-Support colleagues on an individual basis and during ad-hoc requests
-Plan, create and maintain Creatio marketplace apps
-Deadlines will be set together with the team leader

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