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Fraud Operations Analyst Puno radno vreme

na Pactera Edge u Beograd (Poslato na 24-05-2022)

Pactera EDGE, a global provider of technology and digital platform services is looking Fraud Operations Analyst. The core responsibility of this role is to analyze data and evaluate global events flagged for review by established HIT risk strategies, with the purpose of identifying and mitigating fraud attacks on client's ecommerce businesses and customers.

This role requires rotating shifts with possible weekend and public holiday work and strong English fluent speaking, written and reading skills.

Experience and technical skills:
• 3+ year experience with e-commerce & card-not-present environments (or similar) or customer service / support environments (or similar).
• 3+ year experience analysing large amounts of data, working on reports and strong acumen for data.
• Strong capabilities in Microsoft products, particularly Excel, is mandatory.
• Knowledge and experience with analysis and fraud prevention is mandatory.
• Experience with statistical analysis and application development is mandatory.

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