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React - React Native Developer Puno radno vreme

na First Beat Media (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 09-12-2016)

We are looking for a React - React Native developer to help us out with our mobile and web application projects.

Your daily duties:

• Develop native iOS/Android mobile applications using React Native

• Develop web front/backend/CLI applications using React/PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/jQuery

Required skills/experience:

• Must be proficient in JavaScript, EcmaScript 6/7, Node, NPM

• 6 months of experience React or React Native

• Must have experience predictable state container architecture (Redux, Flux, Reflux … etc.)

Relevant skills that would be a plus:

• Experience building native iOS application: xcode, Objective-C, Swift

• Experience building native Android application: Android SDK, Java

• Experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery

• Experience with Git, SVN, basic Linux, crontab, Bootstrap, Datatables

Additionally, you must be:

• Fluent in English (chat, email, video)

• Provide us relevant projects (based on required skills) and what was your role and tasks on them


• Work remotely from home

• Working hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST (16:00-00:00h CET)

• Full-time employment, this is NOT a part-time job

• Opportunity for growth and promotion

• Must be available online during working hours

• Must have Intel CPU based computer or Mac

• Please state your desired salary when applying

Apply here: http://jobs.firstbeatmedia.com/apply/4hHvZj/React-React-Native-Developer?source=sljaka

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