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Developer Puno radno vreme

na First Beat Media (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 21-12-2016)

Your daily job will be to: – working close with our mobile developers on daily basis; – working and improving our platform panel; – work with big amount of data: strings, arrays, images, texts, emails, IP-addresses; – automate data processing; – debug existing code, extend, refactor, improve, optimise; – work with various APIs and services;

Required skills/experience: – Node.js /1year – MongoDB / 1 – 2 years ; – Redis / 1 year; – AngularJS/ 1year; – GIT / 1 year; – JavaScript (jQuery) / 1 year;

Additionally, you must be able to: – understand spoken English (chat, emails, videos); – provide us relevant projects (based on skills we have specified above) and what was your role and tasks on them;

Apply here

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