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Finance Junior Puno radno vreme

na GCOMM d.o.o. u Beograd (Poslato na 16-06-2017)

GCOMM d.o.o.

Finance Junior

Outstanding Career Opportunity Are you seeking a career defining moment? Are you born to win and succeed through working hard and being committed? Would you like to apply the skills you learned at University? Are you looking for work in a team of motivated young and internationally minded people? Are your committed to a career and really being part of a team through good and bad times? Would you like an opportunity to travel abroad? If that sounds like you, then you should audition for this awesome position.

Overview of the role

You will become part of the existing finance team who have strong experience in our platform and the industry we work in.

Become Salesforce administrator certified ­ – For the first three months you will be studying Salesforce to acquire your certification and provide the foundation for your financial career ahead.

Learn Financial Force ­- Learn how to perform tasks directly in Financial Force

Understand how the business works -­ You must have the drive to have a deep understanding of how the business functions today.

Develop your specialisation ­- There are specialist tracks such as bookkeeping, purchasing, accounting and reporting, analysis and dashboard configuration.

This job is a super job because someone is going to get the chance to work with a broad range of software applications that are world leading. We work with IT service companies so the industry is also interesting.
About Us

GCOMM works with Australian IT companies that service the Australian market. We deal in subscription billing for the telecommunication and managed services industry.

We are into business software that enables efficiency for all stakeholders of a business whether that be via a direct or indirect channel to market. We work in a software called SalesForce and our financial application is called Financial Force. We have a very young, exciting and intelligent team working together to build an outstanding business.
About you

You are university graduated in the field of economic or mathematics and have a strong preference to work in accounting or financial analysis The main criteria we will use to select the right candidates The grade you acquired at University Your written and verbal English acumen Your theoretical understanding of accounting Your high level knowledge of software Your emotional intelligence Your cognitive ability to make calculations in your head

And to finish it off

This is really a job for an ambitious top performer. It’s going to take a really strong person with a deep ability to think and work seamlessly with different groups of people. It is just not an easy job.

But this is a call to see who we can find out there. We will pay good money for the right person. We won’t hire anyone for the sake of it. We are not really expecting to find someone who can do everything from day 1 but with the right guidance, time to learn and some mentoring from the team here we can give it our best shot right?

You can read something about our director here and get an idea of whether it’s the right job for you. https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterthompsonaustralia

If you are serious about this job, you best write something interesting in your application and if you are invited for an interview please don’t turn up in jeans or sneakers. It’s kind of offensive and looks stupid on a job interview. If you have a photo sitting at a bar with a drink in your hand on your CV, don’t bother applying please. But if you do, you probably didn’t read this far anyway.

Good luck. I hope we work together in the near future.

Deadline for applications: 30.06.2017.

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