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Account Manager Puno radno vreme

na TechBear LLC u Novi Sad (Poslato na 20-10-2017)

We are excited to announce that we are currently looking for Account Managers, to join TechBear’s team!

Account Manager’s job would be making outbound calls and contacting potential clients. He act as the first point of contact with the potential new clients, and they try to connect with key business executives in order to achieve new deals.

Account Manager job requirements:
• Proficient English language skills, both verbal and written, with an American accent.
• Experience in sales or customer service would be great, and would work in your advantage, but they are not required.
• Good communication and self-organizing skills.

If you’re interested in the Account Manager position, please fill the contact form at - https://techbear.com/account-manager-techbear-llc-novi-sad-serbia/

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