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Full Stack Developer - TechBear LLC Puno radno vreme

na TechBear LLC u Novi Sad (Poslato na 20-11-2017)

Full Stack Developer’s job would consist of creating and implementing APIs, maintaining various websites, and assistance on our other projects.

Job requirements

Required Skills

- Minimum 3 years of working experience at a similar position.
- Excellent knowledge of PHP.
- Proficient knowledge of HTML/CSS.
- Knowledge of Javascript, Jquery, Ajax.
- Experience with APIs.
- Experienced at WordPress.
- Good English language skills.

Extra Skills

- SQL experience
- REST API experience.
- Organized and detail-oriented.
- Creativity and conceptual skills.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Teamwork-oriented.
- Good interpersonal skills.


- Development of WordPress plugins for API integration.
- Debugging issues and testing.
- Creating complete websites for clients.
- Various jobs on maintaining websites.

If you’re interested in the Full Stack Developer position, please send us your CV, Cover letter, and References of your work by filling the contact form at - https://techbear.com/full-stack-developer-techbear-llc-novi-sad-serbia/

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