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Finance and Office Assistant Puno radno vreme

na Infobip u Beograd (Poslato na 26-04-2018)

Finance and Office Assistant

Job description

Which responsibilities does this role include?

One of the main activities related to Finance part of this role is to ensure that all incoming and outgoing invoices are processed in timely manner within the company. Besides that, this role will also include everyday contact with external accountants and handling daily payments using e-banking system.

As a Finance and Office Assistant your role will play a crucial part in ensuring the smoothness of everyday workflow. Your responsibilities will include taking care on office equipment, materials, company cars, archiving documents in accordance with the law and other administrative tasks required by the Director of the company.

This role would include taking care of petty cash and administration of invoices from business trips.

Desired Skills and Experience
Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a person with at least 1 year of experience in a similar position, ideally with background in Economics or Business Administration.

Being a person who would be in contact both with our internal and external stakeholders (accountants, banks, lawyers, public authorities etc.), you should have excellent communication and organizational skills, be detail oriented and willing to guide your work activities through accuracy, respecting the deadlines and having an analytical approach to all the tasks you get.

To be able to fulfill your tasks as Finance and Office Assistant your knowledge of MS Office (especially Word and Excel) and e-banking system are compulsory. Fluency in English is highly desired as our stakeholders are companies and mobile network operators from all around the world.

Additional Information
What are the most exciting parts of this position?

Learning (everyday!) – Our people go through an extensive training period and are considered experts in the industry and there are a lot of possibilities for professional growth.

Great environment – Wonderful team spirit, like-minded colleagues and youthful (young at heart) workforce, creativity and persistence are the drivers of our company.

Mobility – Opportunity to embark on exciting business trips to various countries to help our clients and partners achieve market leadership.

Compensation – Centili strives to provide a competitive benefits package that meets the needs of the employees and our business model.

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