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Front Office Agent Puno radno vreme

na GRUNDFOS u Inđija (Poslato na 20-06-2018)

Front Office Agent


Purpose of job

Apply a well-developed knowledge base and technical/business understanding to offer quality customer service: first level technical support, quotations (the more complex requests are transferred to back office).
Key Activities
Understand the customers requirements either communicated via phone, fax, e mail or other media.
Offer solutions to customers needs and specification.
Produce SAP CRM quotations.
Apply competent knowledge of product features advantages and benefits and be able to professionally represent these to the customer.
Appreciate the operating system where the product is installed to ensure best fit of product.
Professionally dealing with product, price and availability enquiries, literature requests, use of Grundfos Product Center.
Follow up of SAP CRM quotations.
Follow up and adhere to the business processes.
Behave in a professional manner with customers at all times.
Handle customer issues if and when these arise.
Answer the telephone in an agreed manner and within an agreed period of time.
Work with existing IT systems in a manner that uses the systems efficiently and work to the required standards.
Keep communication with sales engineers related to opportunities and quotations.
Critical knowledge and experience
Industry, market and business environment
Experience driving well-defined processes within Customer Service Unit.
Ability to participate in work with processes or projects.
Ability to participate in a well-defined business process within Customer Service Unit.
Most likely to have 4-7 years of relevant work experience before entering level besides formal education.
Technical, functional and professional
Ability influence others and follow processes.
Some experience supporting key business initiatives.
Knowledge of best practices and relevant practices, systems in a Customer Service Unit.
Collaboration partners
Sales Regions
Preferred Education
Vocational certificate, Associate’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Grundfos Key Behaviors

B_Grundfos behavior – Accountability
B_Grundfos behavior – Collaboration
B_Grundfos behavior – Customer Centricity
B_Grundfos behavior – Accountability
B_Grundfos behavior – Collaboration
B_Grundfos behavior – Customer Centricity
C_Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
C_Following Instructions and Procedures
C_Working with People
S_English Proficiency

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