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C++ Software Developer Puno radno vreme

na Easy Consult HR Solutions d.o.o. u Beograd (Poslato na 25-06-2018)

Easy Consult HR Solutions d.o.o.

Our client, Robert BOSCH, is expanding their 3rd IT Department in Serbia, and they are looking for C++ Software Developer.

C++ Software Developer https://easyconsultrs.com/

Main responsibilities:

Develop compression/reduction algorithms for update procedures in the FOTA environment;
Develop new compression and reduction algorithms for embedded system;
Integrate the embedded part of product to different customer environments;
Find efficient solutions to let the product work in environments with constrained resources (little RAM, Flash);
Develop efficient mechanisms to update different embedded storage devices.


Experience in developing and integrating Linux applications;
Experience with software architectures, design patterns and framework structures;
Solid experience in the development of complex C/C++ applications (STL, Boost);
Experience with development tools: Code versioning (Git), Jenkins, Valgrind, CppCheck, GCov, JIRA, Eclipse, CMake, Confluence;
A Bachelor of Science Degree in an Engineering discipline.

Employment Conditions:

Attractive Salary;
Flexible working hours;
Being part of an international growing team;
Good work-life balance;
Career development;
Team buildings;
Foreign languages courses.

You can apply via e-mail:


Rok za prijavu 26.07.2018.

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