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Social Media Manager Puno radno vreme

na FishingBooker u Beograd (Poslato na 28-06-2018)

Social Media Manager


Job description

We love enabling people to enjoy amazing fishing experiences worldwide. As Social Media Manager, you develop our voice and perfect our brand. Are you that person?

Because FishingBooker arranges thousands of fishing trips each year, we have massive worldwide exposure on various social media channels. From Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to various forums, FishingBooker is present and connected to its beloved customers and captains.

As a Social Media Manager, you will spend most of your day engaging with our audience on various social channels in order to define, communicate and present the FishingBooker voice to its followers. Along with engaging with our community, you will be free to define the strategy, direction and execution of our entire social presence. You will help position FishingBooker as a dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable platform for every customer to find their perfect fishing trip, and for every captain to expand their business.

You will be responsible for running paid ads on social channels by working closely with our PPC team and other departments that require exposure through social channels (Hiring, Captain Acquisition, Product Marketing, PR, etc.).

FishingBooker is global, which means you will have contact with people from all over the world and from every time zone. We are looking for candidates who are ready for a full-time position (40 hours per week) and have the drive to go the extra mile when needed.

What do you get?

Flexible working hours and flexible breaks. No one will time you, you can eat or take a break in peace. If you want to sleep in, or go to the gym in the morning, feel free to do so.
Soft skills, sales skills, copywriting intel and much more. We provide company sponsored books, training, and courses – never stop learning and improving yourself.
Complete onboarding process. We take pride in our comprehensive onboarding process. You will learn all about the company, the ins and outs of fishing charters, and all about the job itself during this time.
Respect and appreciation. We appreciate each other and show respect all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a senior, we respect you all the same.
Having a direct impact on the company development and revenue. You have the opportunity to make original, creative contributions to the growth of the company.
Top of the line equipment. Each teammate receives a brand new MacBook laptop and top notch equipment.
Support with obtaining visa and work permits for foreign employees.
Company fishing trips. Once a year the company will treat you and your colleagues to a fishing trip!

Who are you?

You are resourceful. You know how to find the answers you need in order to provide high-quality work.
You are a good listener and you’re able to understand the needs of others.
You think outside the box. You’re always finding new approaches or new methods of dealing with a problem.
You have a good old fashioned work ethic, day in and day out. You have grit and take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion. If it needs doing, you do it.
You are a team player. You handle your own workload, but you’re also there to help others when needed.
You are an exceptional communicator. You are able to express yourself fluently and in a professional manner.


Owning and managing FishingBooker’s social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), which includes: Day to day content creation, community management and paid ads management.
Defining the entire social strategy for FishingBooker and executing it both independelty and with the help of other teams.
Exploring opportunities for scaling our presence to other social networks and online communities with the accent on fishing forums.
Help increasing our brand recognizition with targeted paid and organic campaigns/initiatives.
Conducting market research and gathering valuable insights and data from the market.


Native-level fluency in written English (English as first language preferred).
Has at least 1 year of experience in Social Media Management.
Is fully operative when it comes to technical skills required for managing social accounts (ads manager, reporting, dashboards…).
Understands the importance of numbers, metrics and quantitative data in order to track performance and define further strategy.
Analytical in the terms of identifying opportunities and getting the right sense of the people’s perception of FishingBooker.
Good reporting skills.
Strong communication skills.
Self-motivated team player.
Extremely good research skills.
Strong organizational skills.
Positive attitude is essential!.

It’s a plus:

If you have experience in using basic photo-editing software.
If you have experience of writing promotional content for the web in English.
If you have prior experience in a customer-facing role.

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