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PROJECT MANAGER Puno radno vreme

na NOKIA u Beograd (Poslato na 06-07-2018)


Job description

e GPM is the end-to-end responsible leader for the delivery of the complete project.
Provides leadership and guidance to all involved groups.
Manages the project at the strategic level and is the main interface for the customer and for executive management inside NOKIA
Manages resources and overseeing finances to ensure that the project progresses on times and on budget.
Analyzes the Project Contract, confirms scope, contractual issues and validate risk assumptions.
Builds a plan for different sub projects ordered by the customer in line with their expectations and with guidelines of the contract.
Develops customer relationship, understands customer environment, determines customer interfaces and identify responsibilities.
Establishes the project’s structure including the project management organization.
Obtains progress reports from Installation Roll-outs on weekly basis and updates the customer accordingly.
Establishes & Implements the Project Management Plan (PMP).
Approve processes and procedures.
Organizes the set-up the project team and assigns project roles & responsibilities to individuals.
Manage the project’s risks including contingency plans and risk mitigation.
Supervises and validates the subcontractors selection for the realization of the project.
Defines and controls the project’s key indicators (schedule, Cost control, quality).
Implements the Set-up for the project reporting and review meetings
Customer Services
Lieu principal
Europe South-Serbia-Serbia-Belgrade
Temps plein
Business Orientation
Customer Focussed
Strong Mix between Long term Planning and detailed progress view.
Able to build a team and provide guidance for project progress
Financial skills
Experienced Project Manager
Proven FTTH project execution
Serbian and English Language skills are a MUST
Subcontractor management

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