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Stills Brand Manager Puno radno vreme

na The Coca-Cola Company u Beograd (Poslato na 09-07-2018)

Stills Brand Manager

The Coca-Cola Company

Job description
Job ID: R-14634

Position Overview

Leading top line growth and create value through the development of our Brands portfolio at local level through local consumer insights and market understanding
Being the custodian of brand health and reputation at local level along the BU/global goals and standards
Accelerating growth of Hydration portfolio (water, water+ and tea categories)
Supporting the implementation of the innovation pipeline & execution of respecting marketing programs
Driving operational plans with our bottling partner to succeed with the strategies
Function Specific Activities:
Minimum: 5 years’ business experience. In depth understanding, knowledge and practical experience in consumer marketing, operational as strategic.
University degree, masters preferred
Marketing role at manager level or comparable
Experience with direct P&L responsibility
Experienced in working for or closely with bottling partner
Working within matrix organisation and virtual working
Proven record of delivering increased revenue and volume and improving brand love


Key Competencies
Managing interactions with others/ influencing skills
Creative: Using judgement and common sense
Delivers results/ getting things done
Accountability and Passion
Entrepreneurial: ability to find new solutions with limited resources
Able to self-responsible operate in complex situations
Drive Innovation
Demonstrate constructive discontent; Question when things can be done better and identify improvement areas
Take appropriate risks and learn from mistakes
Rapidly implement and commercialize approved ideas
Propose opportunities for improvement; influence stakeholders to drive execution
Apply best practices and learning from other parts of the System
Inspire Others
Express passion for the System, our brands, business and people; role model and help others become brand ambassadors
Help others understand our vision and strategies by translating them into day-to-day activities in a compelling manner
Persist in achieving goals in spite of barriers or obstacles
Encourage and support people to meet and exceed their objectives, to bring passion to their work
Model behaviors that promote openness, credibility and trust
Collaborate with the System, Customers and Key Stakeholders
Facilitate agreement with others through listening and understanding their perspectives.
Maintain productive and credible long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders
Understand customers’ goals and priorities as a means to ensure customer satisfaction
Align team members’ activities to business goals
Develop Self And Others
Practice inclusiveness by listening to and leveraging diverse perspectives in the team
Work with team members to identify areas for development
Provide feedback and model behaviors to help others grow
Identify and act upon opportunities to promote, recruit and retain talent
Ask for and act on feedback from others
Demonstrate an openness to learn from others and actively share knowledge and experience
Set an example of personal health and wellbeing, and encourage others to adopt similar practices
Act Like an Owner
Focus self and the team on activities that deliver maximum value
Make plans to execute those activities
Set and accomplish ambitious objectives
Hold team accountable for contributing to successful outcomes
Reinforce actions that support our sustainability plans and initiatives
Ensure self and team focus on cost management and productivity
Deep understanding of market/ Consumer
Creating winning propositions
Development of Brand plans
Financial Analysis
Budget Management
Project Management
RTM / Sales Understanding
Know / Apply according tracking systems

Builds Brand Value

Understands the external environment (competitive and market) and identifies new sources of opportunity
Interrogates data to identify core business levers
Balances facts with intuition to distil complex opportunities into business cases
Understand the operational fundamentals of our Bottling System
Leverages financial rigor to prioritize and allocate resources effectively
Measures financial and equity impact of investments and institutionalizes learnings
Deploys discipline and process to improve impact and speed to market
Builds Brand Love
Anticipates future trends to engage and delight consumers
Seeks understanding of fundamental human needs and behaviors
Pursues innovation and change with a mind-set of continuous improvement
Balances intuition and fact to distil complex thought into action
Demonstrates judgment to define a compelling core creative idea
Crafts a vision for what the brand / category / market could be
Persuades and inspires others to create belief

Job Requirements

Years of Experience:
Leadership Behaviors
DRIVE INNOVATION: Generate new or unique solutions and embrace new ideas that help sustain our business(encompassing everything from continuous improvement to new product and package innovation).
COLLABORATE WITH SYSTEM, CUSTOMERS, AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS: Develop and leverage relationships with stakeholders to approximately stretch and impact the System (Company and Bottler).
ACT LIKE AN OWNER: Deliver results, creating value for our Brands, our System, our customers, and key stakeholders.
INSPIRE OTHERS: Inspire people to deliver our mission and 2020 Vision, demonstrate passion for the business and give people a reason to believe anything is possible.
DEVELOP SELF AND OTHERS: Develop self and support others’ development to achieve full potential.

Growth Behaviors

GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.
PERFORMANCE DRIVEN AND ACCOUNTABLE: Has high performance standards. Outperforms her/his peers.
FAST/AGILE: Removes barriers to move faster. Experiments and adapts. Thrives under pressure and fast pace.
EMPOWERED: Brings solutions instead of problems. Challenges the status quo. Has the courage to take an unpopular stance.

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