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Finishing Carpenter Inostranstvo

na Ramco u Doha, Katar (Poslato na 25-07-2018)

A minimum of 3-5 years experience in related jobs.
Trade school graduation or equivalent. Knowledge of shop practices
The ability to use shop tools equipment
Cabinet making skills
Sufficient skills and physical dexterity to perform such duties.
The ability to read drawings as well as translating into fabricated products.
Gender Restrictions:
Male Candidates only
Cut, shape, and assemble wood, composition, and/or plastic sections with shop tools and equipment such as planers, jointers, shaper, routers, sanders, and various power saws.
Assemble prepared components for various structures, including chairs, desks, cabinets, bookcases, picture frames, and paneled doors.
Prepare structures for finish applications by planning, shaping and sanding; using hand and power tools.
Read and interpret plans, sketches, and shop drawings for milling and fabrication.
Prepare materials estimates as directed by supervisor.
Determine type and dimensions of wood stock to be used.
Maintain and clean equipment and work area.
May perform work of carpenter as assigned.
May act as Lead Carpenter in absence of Lead Carpenter or Supervisor.
May direct work of student workers as assigned.
Perform related duties as assigned.

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