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SIOP Field Supervisor Puno radno vreme

na Nokia u Beograd (Poslato na 21-08-2018)

SIOP Field Supervisor


Job description

tailed knowledge of Outside Plant network deployments, civil works related activities and power supply for active equipment in the field.

Verifies that LLD is constructible and contains all permits needed.
Assures the availability of resources from the subco´s needed to fulfill the planned and agreed milestones.
Requests documentation needed for the proper execution of the work.
Requests necessary materials to start the work.
Requests technical documentation for deployment and passive elements construction.
Daily supervision of installation progress according to agreed milestones, assuring the required quality in the deployment by the subco´s.
Knowledge of the last version of technical documentation and facilitate this to subcontractors in order to monitor compliance of the deployment
Daily reporting to Project’s responsible on progress and issues.
Provide technical solutions on issues occurred during Roll-Out.
Collects and check As-Built documentation provided by subcontractors
Verify that the subco´s are meeting all H&S procedures and activate in real time specific support if needed.
Provides support and guidance about the doubts that could arise to the construction companies with regard to the installation and testing of the passive elements, solving problems incidences directly or activating remote support in real time in order to avoid delay the delivery.
Supervise tests execution and measures delivered by the subcos in order to anticipate problems with final documentation and assure quality of the network deployed
Required Experience And Knowledge

Fluent in Serbian Language; medium-high level in English
Certification on design and construction by Serbian Chamber of Engineers (


4+ years’ experience in outside plant deployments

Proven experience with subcos performance control

Experience dimensioning and planning construction team,

Experience About Requirements For Network Inventory

Experience in work acceptance and documentation required

Soft Skills
Strong focus on problemsolving
Clear attention to details and quality
Developed reporting skills
Experience in an end-customer environment
Self-Starter and ability to work with minimal direction

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