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Graphic Designer Puno radno vreme

na Functional Food Grono GmbH u Cela Srbija (Poslato na 16-11-2018)

Graphic Design / Layout

• Conception, design and production of creative multimedia forms of presentation (eg graphic design, video, photography, illustration, 3D rendering) for print and online productions
• Independent planning and coordination of productions - online / print - taking into account our CD guidelines
• Preparation of print documents, advertisements, direct mailings, flyers, brochures, in-house printing, banners, presentations etc.
• Archiving of the image data tape and the created data material
• Design of exhibition and presentation elements

• Education and professional experience in the field of media design, graphics / artwork
• good MAC and PC skills (graphics and layout programs Adobe CS6 InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
• Experience in project work
• Openness & Creativity
• Communication skills & open-mindedness
• Structured and accurate work
• Out-of-the-box thinking and exceptional ideas on the pulse of the times
• Qualitative and efficient way of working
• Proactivity & Solution Orientation

You can apply until 16.12.2018 on following email-address: af@ffgrono.ch

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