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Home Based Teaching Position Location: Telecommuting (Online) Puno radno vreme

na waijiaoyi (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 21-12-2018)

Who is Waijiaoyi?
Waijiaoyi is a leading company that delivers online group classes in China. We have received investments from Li Kaifu of Sinovation Ventures, the investor of VIPKID and from Leijun of Shunwei Capital, which is also invested in 51 Talk. Li Kaifu has held important positions in many major companies such as Apple, SGI, Microsoft and Google, and Leijun is the founder of Xiaomi Mobile Phones. Waijiaoyi keeps an open mind and specializes in making connections to promote the development of the relationship between Chinese children and foreign teachers, so that further exchanges can be made between China and foreign cultures.
Salary & Incentives:
Fixed Time Position:
1、Fixed working hours: 8A.M. to 12P.M. Beijing time at weekends with fixed payment monthly.
2、Every teaching hour with extra $1 as subsidy for Morning Shift.
3、Professional ongoing training with pay.
4、Monthly KPI Incentive.
5、Chances for Excellent Performance Award every Semester.
6、This Fixed Time Position is only for Spring Semester and Autumn Semester.
7、Summer and Winter Semester goes with part time with hourly rate.

Job Requirements:

●English Speakers from European countries
●Bachelor’s Degree
●TEFL/TESOL/ CELTA Certification
●Teaching Experience (Online or On-site / One-to-one, group or classroom)
●Excellent command of English
●Group class teaching experience is an advantage

Job Description :
●Deliver online lessons to students of particular grade level
●Evaluate and grade students' class work and participation
●Provide effective feedback to guide student earning and success
●Attend discipline specific and administrative meetings as scheduled

Class Introduction:
●Set-up: Online Group Class (10 - 20 students)
●Student age range: 8 - 16 years old
●Teaching materials: provided by Waijiaoyi
●Class length: 25 minutes
●Teaching Platform: ClassIn
●Working Schedule: (Beijing Time)
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

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