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Software/Web Full Stack Developper Puno radno vreme

na Poseidon Research Balkans d.o.o. u Novi Sad (Poslato na 04-03-2019)

Poseidon CRO , a leading actor of the services for clinical developement of medical devices , drugs , neutraceuticals and a pioneer in the support to health and patient centered research ; is expanding its digital health transformation services in response to its clients’ increasing demand.

We are looking for an english speaking “Digital Health/Clinical Project developer “ , who will be evolving toward the roles of Senior Clinical Project -e Health developer . The candidate will gain experience in designing and preparing for end users a variety of tools , such us eDC , e Case Report Forms (eCRFs); ePROs as well as responsabilities of providing insights and developing tools serving to data ceaning/discrepancy management of paper-based and EDC projects according to the SOPs and to ensure GDPR , ISO 27000 and GCP compliance are met . The role will consist as well in supporting of the documentation, testing, implementation, validation, and utilization of systems used in clinical data management activities
You are enthusiastic about innovative web technologies and agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development.
You have strong communication skills and would like to be involved in fast moving projects and achieve bright results.
You have completed your technical studies or a comparable education and gained at least 2 years of project experience in software and/or web development.
Your developer knowledge of JavaScript, Java, PHP and CMS is profound.
Ideally you have experience in React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5 or CSS3.
OOP, MVC, JSON, CSS preprocessors like SCSS, web testing and versioning are familiar to you.
Notions of applications in health of IT , such us eCRFs, ePROs , EDMS , eDC are familiar to you.
Very good English language skills .
Please send us your CV and motivation letter before 15.03.2019

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