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Software developers Inostranstvo

na RGlobal u Budimpešta, Madjarska (Poslato na 08-04-2019)

We are looking for ambitious and open minded developers with experience with react.js and node.js in our beautiful city, Budapest!
We are in search always for new team members who can adapt fast, prove skills and get the rewards out of our team work!
Want to work in the EU? Work on Full time basis? Complete assistance for our foreign colleagues!

The following specifications would require software developers:

min. 2 years experience in node.js or react.js stack - proven experience - portfolio
good command of English language is a must
Openness to move to Budapest

We can offer you:
modern working conditions for tech startups and multi companies in Budapest
Great work and life environment
Work visa management
Complete assistance for integration in the new city, such as assistance with finding a flat
Full benefits of an EU employee
Fix salary, Caffeteria vouchers (gyme, pool, travel, insurance etc.)
an average of € 2000 net monthly wage (€ 3,000 gross declared), Budapest is quite cheap and you can save on this wage a lot!

Budapest is becoming the new tech center and sturt upp paradise in Europe’s map. Cheap rents, Greate city, even better transport connections with east and west Europe.
Friendly hosts, ultra modern work environments in the city center!
Salaries same as in Berlin or London, living costs much cheaper!

If you want more info, read this article!

send your CV to jobs@rglobal.eu

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