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Remote Ad Ops Manager Inostranstvo

na Truly Scaled Limited (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 09-05-2019)

Are you sick of working inefficiently on boring projects within bureaucratic office environments? Are you exceptionally motivated and want to do something uncommon on your terms?

Let’s together engineer a new gold standard for remote working. Let’s get rid of outmoded ideas and empower you to take your abilities to an entirely new level.

We need you to own managing and continuously seeking opportunities to improve our programmatic-only ad stack without compromising user experience. You will need to have strong analytics skills to draw conclusions for Google Ad Manager (DFP) and header bidding (prebid.js) data. You will need to be a good communicator since you’ll be responsible for coordinating with current and prospective ad networks (e.g. Google Ad Exchange, AppNexus, A9, OpenX, etc.), oversee GDPR compliance, and work with our software developers, media buying team, and our seasoned technical ad ops expert.

Today, we generate 500+ million ad impressions/month to our websites and foresee this figure to be close to 1 billing by the end of 2019. In other words, be ready for a challenge!

You’ll be working remotely (from your home, a cafe, etc.) for a lean high-growth (300% per year) online media company that embraces flexibility in your work schedule. Since our ambitions to grow match your own, you’ll have a significant say in your career direction for years to come.

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