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Technical consultant (eCommerce specialist) Puno radno vreme

na Mementia d.o.o. (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 27-05-2019)

Mementia is a full-service eCommerce partner for your business. For both improving your webshop, or creating a new one, we provide structure, development, and guidance.
Mementia provides eCommerce website business consulting, website building and design,
technical support (bug-fixing, helping with common tasks), maintenance
(upgrades, redesign, extension installation), testing, digital marketing services, SEO,
inventory management and ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solutions, and more.
With us, our clients can focus on their business and let us take care of the technical and other chores.

Our major competitive advantage is that we act and think like partners, not vendors.
We are proactive in our approach, not reactive.

Mementia is a self-management organization using Holacracy.https://www.holacracy.org/


Age: not relevant
Gender: not relevant
Location: not relevant
The English language is used in the company (Russian or Croatian is a plus)
Online tests and interviews will be critical for selecting.

Experience needed:

- Configuring Magento, PrestaShop and Shopify stores and resolving problems where the developer is not needed.
- basic understanding of gitflow, digital marketing, eCommerce (how sites work)
- basic knowledge of Magento, PS folder structure
- basic knowledge of SEO and about tools which are used in work (Mailgun, Cloudflare, Mailchimp and similar services)
- basic use of Magerun
- basic commands on Linux CLI
- attention to detail, good language skills
- organizational skills (using time efficiently in accordance with priorities)
- logical thinking (creativity in solving technical problems)
- independence in work

Work conditions:

Distant job. Hourly payment, not less than 6, and depending on speed, up to 8h a day/five days a week.

Mementia currently provides 3$/h for Mementia Newbie. For the rise in compensation, the partner will have to demonstrate the skills to other partners and nominate themselves for the badges required in internal Badge Sets system. (It can be as fast as a couple of weeks, depending on experience)

Job description (Role Accountabilities):

-Providing proactive advice and recommendations on eCommerce growth to the client
-Performing all technical and other project tasks within own abilities
-Delegating tasks to other roles when that is more efficient

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