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Grafički Dizajner Puno radno vreme

na BookPrunelle (Bilo koji) (Poslato na 17-07-2019)

Potreban graficki dizajner.

Potreban graficar koji ima skustva sa agenciskim radom.

Francuskoj kompaniji je potreban graficar. Evo njihovog oglasa.

What You Will Do:
Our Graphic Designer will be responsible for our in-house needs as well as any material needed for brand presentation.
From the book cover design, print materials all the way to social media materials needed for all of our campaigns.
Breaking complicated scientific facts in engaging graphics, helping our audience understand and relate to a proposed subject.
You, Content creator, in this case, will be working closely with our marketing team, writers, illustrators in order to achieve cohesive branding.
Archiving, indexing work after completion is of the essence, we need someone with high organizing skills.
Good under pressure, use to juggle multiple projects in tight time frames.
The successful candidate is expected to understand the concepts of branding, current trends, quality above all.

Required Skills:
Minimum of 3 years' relevant experience as a content creator in the graphic design field.
Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office products ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Well developed communication skills in the team as well as in individual collaboration.
This position is open for international applicants, any correspondence is expected to be considered with a great deal of responsibility.
Must have a flexible work schedule; willingness to work after normal business hours (sometimes including evenings, weekends and holidays).

Who We are;
BookPrunelle is a place of great ideas and people who are invested in to the bone!
We are here to help our youngsters understand the biggest issues of the world, to help them overcome their own struggles as well as entertain them!
Our website will offer membership for kids 1-12 years old, filled with amazing stories, high-quality illustration, and many interactive features.
Our team is filled with passionate, devoted people who care about people, animals, and our dear Earth.
Writers, illustrators, marketers, assistants, financial and law department we are all on the same page, make a change!
Our headquarters are in France, however, we are an international team.
If you feel you are ready for hard work and big impact contact us at:

We expect your portfolio link.

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