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Remote Operations Associate Puno radno vreme

na Truly Scaled u Beograd (Poslato na 09-09-2019)

Are you sick of working inefficiently on boring projects within bureaucratic office environments? Are you exceptionally motivated and want to do something uncommon on your terms?

Let’s together engineer a new gold standard for remote working. Let’s get rid of outmoded ideas and empower you to take your abilities to an entirely new level.

We need your help in getting the business to run like a Swiss watch. You will be responsible for keeping our accounting records extremely clean, documenting processes, and providing administrative support to our Managing Director and Operations Manager. You MUST be an A-player who is extremely detail-oriented, loves technology, and is eager to get things done! Your challenge will be to continuously strive for operational excellence to fuel our aggressive results-oriented growth.

You’ll be working remotely (from your home, a cafe, etc.) for a lean high-growth (300% per year) online media company that embraces flexibility in your work schedule. Since our ambitions to grow match your own, you’ll have a significant say in your career direction for years to come.


  • Exceptionally disciplined, trustworthy, and organized
  • Highly detail-oriented problem solver
  • Works smart – through focused prioritization – and loves technology
  • High IQ – you will be tested!
  • Articulate, with excellent spoken and written English
  • Motivated proactive self-starter

We seek a creative todo list-slaying doer who can get things done right the first time.


  • 2+ years of advanced accounting
  • 4+ years of business administration or operations
  • Write cats and dogs in your application so we know you read this
  • Corporate compliance management
  • A knowledge of online software tools (e.g. Google Docs, project management tools, Gmail, Slack, etc.)
  • Experience with managing Hong Kong or Singapore companies is a plus


  • Honesty, discretion, and transparency: you will often be exposed to confidential information
  • Strong communication skills with all levels in and outside of our company
  • Exceptional reliability and commitment – we offer the same in return!
  • Tactful, diplomatic, and sensitive to other cultures – our team is distributed around the globe


  • Monthly compensation negotiable based on experience
  • Paid time off for all full-timers
  • Location and schedule flexibility
  • Annual performance-based bonuses (paid at beginning-of-year)
  • Annual compensation increases as you grow with Truly Scaled
  • Company-sponsored team meet-ups in different parts the world!

If this job sounds interesting, don’t wait and CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW before the job closes on 2019-09-21!

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