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Frontend Developer (Mid- to Senior- Level) Puno radno vreme

na Ottometric doo u Novi Sad (Poslato na 15-10-2019)

Greater Vehicle Safety through intelligent validation


We are looking for:

Frontend Developer
(Mid- to Senior- Level)

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia - Full Time

Are you interested in a full-time position working on the latest innovative technologies and industry trends?

Then join us and work with our fast-growing team!
What you have

University degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering related field (FTN, ETF, FON, PMF...)
Minimum of 4 years of full life cycle software development experience
Excellent knowledge of ​ JavaScript​ , ​ CSS3​ , HTML5
Knowledge of version control systems like ​ Git
Knowledge at ​ React ​ frameworks
Knowledge of flux pattern with ​ Redux​ and middleware like Saga or Thunk

What you’ll do

You manipulate the best of frontend technologies to create awesome looking, stable, and efficient features
Collaborate with a team of developers, product owners, industry experts and technical Leads to deliver innovative solutions using bleeding edge software tools
Work on advanced AI, deep learning, and big data concepts and implementations
Participate in the growing computer vision industry supporting the automotive industry movement to autonomous driving

Why Ottometric

Build new code for our brand new software, as opposed to having to support legacy code
Highly talented, professional and friendly team
Work with cutting edge technologies in the growing computer vision and autonomous vehicle industry
Possibility for personal and professional growth
Flexible working hours and opportunities for
self-direction research and study

Quality applicants should please send a cover letter and CV in English to​ jobs@ottometric.com until 31.10.2019.

OTTOMETRIC​ is an automotive technology company developing a tool used for intelligent validation of autonomous systems and sensors. We currently utilize AI, computer vision, and big data in our product offering.

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