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Junior Clinical Research Associate Puno radno vreme

na Poseidon Research Balkans d.o.o. u Novi Sad i Beograd RS, Tivat i Podgorica MNE , Banja Luka i Sarajevo BiH (Poslato na 13-11-2019)

Poseidon Research Balkans, a branch company of Poseidon CRO group , active in the field of health and pharmaceutical research, located in Novi Sad , is looking for


to join the operational team and respond to the increasing demand of its clients in Balkans Region.


This opening is for an entry level position suitable for graduates from Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy whom are interested in a career of research assistant in the epidemiology field, pharmacovigilance, drug development process and medical devices validation .
The work will be under the supervision of the clinical operations coordinator with field work and visits up to 50% of work time. The selected candidate will have to ensure a variety of responsibilities and acquire gradually technical knowledge towards autonomy. Knowledge of pharmaceutical environement and regulation is a plus . A previous experience in CRO or in Pharmacovigilance is appreciated but not mandatory.

A good sense of team work , high organisation skills and commitement to assigned projects are a must for long term integration in the team. An ability to coordinate a consequent amount of information and to follow up intensive trainings during the 3 months probation period is a requisit.

Only candidates interested in pursuing a career in the field and highly motivated will be retained after a thorough selection process.

Please send applications before 30.11.2019 to address: jobs@poseidoncro.com

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