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Senior Patient Safety Specialist Puno radno vreme

na Poseidon Research Balkans d.o.o. u Novi Sad (Poslato na 13-03-2020)

Poseidon Research Balkans, a branch company of Poseidon CRO group, active in the field of health and pharmaceutical research, located in Novi Sad, is looking for Senior Patient Safety Specialist to join our team and support the initiation of new activities.

Main responsibilities:
• Participate in the conception and implementation of a pharmacovigilance system that can be proactively updated and maintained;
• Making contacts with the health authorities and with local, regional and international institutions and groups working in the clinical, medical device, pharmacology and toxicology fields outlining the importance of proactive collaboration and its purposes;
• Periodically review Poseidon CRO business activities, including patient support programs, market research activities, social media activities, local clinical trials and NIS, to ensure the correct pharmacovigilance provisions are in place as per internal and external regulations and client’s requirements;
• Designing procedures for the different system functions such as detection, reporting, follow-ups, reconciliation and source data verification;
• Establishing the databases using the compliant electronic system in collaboration with contact points in pharma, health institutions and team colleagues;
• Ensure that compliance with up to date standards and guidelines for pharmacovigilance are met at each time;
• Act as a point of contact for the safety departments within Poseidon CRO portfolio of clients and proactively participate in the client management relationship, including evaluating the needs of new and existing clients;
• Increase awareness of colleagues and stakeholders in the areas of: safety data collectin and verification, interpreting and coding of adverse reaction descriptions, coding of drugs, case causality assessment, signal detection and risk management.

Minimum requirements:
• Degree in Health related fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Biology
• Fluency in both written and spoken English
• Knowledge of national, regional and international regulations for pharmacovigilance
• Knowledge of pharmacological and medical terminology
• Up to two years pharmacovigilance experience
• Excellent autonomy, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Please send us your Cv and motivation letter no later than 01/4/2020 to the mail adress: jobs@poseidoncro.com

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