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na TAČKA POVRATKA u Beograd (Poslato na 30-03-2020)

We are looking for a versatile business administrator, capable of completing various tasks within our organization and with our partners. You will help us set up the organization Returning Point and be the administrative and logistical backbone of our team. Basically, we are looking for a proactive office manager, who will know the ins and outs of our organization.

You will be responsible for getting in touch and maintaining communication with the representatives of government institutions and agencies. You will closely collaborate with our communications officer when helping our expats returning to the country and going through the administrative leg of the return.

We expect you to:

Create and manage business procedures
Provide support to the director in establishing administration processes
Prepare and submit reports
Collaborate with the accountants and external partners regarding legal matters
Communicate with the governments institution representatives
Provide assistance to the director and Returning Point board of directors when planning and executing established programs
Be the “Jack of all traits” – since we are a small team expect to be doing anything from procurement to secretarial work. We have an all hands on deck approach.
Attend meetings with Returning Point partners – both in the government and non government sectors.

These are the skills and experiences required or highly appreciated in order to qualify for the job

High proficiency in spoken and written English
3-5 years of experience in organizational and operational managerial positions within organizations
Digital savviness
Fully functional in all Microsoft Office tools.
Knowledge and experience in online banking and payment systems is a plus
Operational in WordPress or other website management platforms is a plus
Accounting knowledge and skills are a plus.
Project writing skills are highly appreciated
Tender writing and operational knowledge of government procedures is a big plus.

What you can expect from us:

Full time employment – (conditioned with a 3 month trial period).
Startup like culture and atmosphere. You will get to learn a lot by working in a small, agile and versatile team.
Collaboration with some of the most interesting companies, individuals, NGOs both in Serbia and in Serbian diaspora.
Investing in trainings, workshops and other programs meant to further advance your knowledge and skills.
The ability to make a big impact on how the Serbian diaspora communicates and collaborates with the Serbian society.

Anyone who wants to apply should submit a CV and Letter of Intent.

Email: info@tackapovratka.rs

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